Reticle Lens
A reticle (or reticule) is a net of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of a sighting device, such as a telescope, a telescopic sight, a microscope, or the screen of an oscilloscope. The word reticle comes from the Latin "reticulum," meaning "net." Today, engraved lines or embedded fibers may be replaced by a computer-generated image superimposed on a screen or eyepiece.


Material:                        BK7 Optical glasses, B270

Dimension Tolerance:   +/-0.1mm

Line accuracy:              +/-0.002mm

Position Accuracy:        +/-0.005mm

Parallelism:                    <3 arc min

Surface Quality:            40/20

Flatness:                       Lambda/4

Chamfer:                      0.2mm×45°

Coating:                       user-defined