Rhomboid Prism
Rhomboid prism can displace a laser beam without change the image orientation, the input beam is totally internal reflected by two 45degree faces and goes out from the output face. Then, a lateral displacement is produced. Higher transmission rate can be achieved by anti-reflective coating on the input and output faces. Rhomboid prism is always used in stereoscopic system and periscope system

Material:                        BK7 grade A optical glass, UV grade fused silica etc.

Dimension Tolerance:    +/-0.05mm

Surface Accuracy:        λ/4 @632.8nm

Surface Quality:            20-10

Beam Deviation:          <30 arc sec

Angle Tolerance:          <5 arc sec

Clear Aperture:             > 90%

Bevel:                           0.2mm×45°

Coating:                       user-defined